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$42,500.00 USD

Surrounding warehouses, container yard, a land with 25 x 100m near by and on the main road to future Special Economic Zone studied by JICA is put for sale. It is around 1km from Phnom Penh Autonomous Port in ban teaydak district. Business area is going to start up as Special Economic Zone go...

Posted By: cooler.csn -> Land for sale : Cambodia

$3.00 USD

土地面积: 尺寸:37Ha,地点:沿国道3号,贡布省 价格:3元/平方米 区位优势:公司能得到好处从这个位置的位置 集群方面(很多工厂的附近),规模的运输成 本经济(这是近西哈努克港,靠近越南)。企 业管理人员可以享受生活的一个合适的方法有 !欢迎本地和外国投资者。如果您有更多的疑 问,请随时与我联系:联系电话:095713006 或电邮。谢谢! Land for Sale: Size: 37 Ha, location: along national road number...

Posted By: professionalestate -> Land for sale : Cambodia

$1.00 USD

This field is located in Kampot Province, a district bordered to Vietnam. This is a good location for foriegn investors who have skills and interests in feeding sea foods. It can be reached from both VN and Cambodia. You can ship our supplied stuffs from VN and also ship the final products to VN or...

Posted By: professionalestate -> Farm & Ranch : Cambodia

$32,000.00 USD

House for sale in Borey Rong Reung near Veng Sreng Road next to Ly Yong Pat Electricity Factory in front of Borey Chib Mong. House Details: -House size 4m x 14m, High 5m -2 bath room -good location -good road Prize 32000$

Posted By: ousetha008 -> Townhouse : Cambodia

$151,000.00 USD

3rd floor, and rooftop, Big terrace, good access, good condition, good location, To renovate, Offers are invited Sale price 151 000 $ Building length (inside) 24 m Building width (inside) 6 m Building area (inside) 144 m2 1 049$/m2 Furnished detail 144 sqm + 100sqm ( possibility...

Posted By: rooftopcam -> Apartments for sale : Cambodia

$110,000.00 USD

With nice view on the city, kitchen, good location, good condition, good access, Balcony Sale price 110 000 $ Building length (inside) 22 m Building width (inside) 4.3 m Building area (inside) 190 m2 579$/m2 Bedrooms 2 Bathrooms 2 Furnished detail 2...

Posted By: rooftopcam -> Apartments for sale : Cambodia

$74,000.00 USD

Good condition, good location, mezzanine, kitchen, parking Sale price 74 000 $ Building length (inside) 12 m Building width (inside) 4 m Building area (inside) 128 m2 578$/m2 Bedrooms 4 Bathrooms 4 Mezzanine Furnished detail E0+E1 + 2 Mezzanines per floor offers...

Posted By: rooftopcam -> Apartments for sale : Cambodia

$115,000.00 USD

Big balcony, good access, good location, kitchen Sale price 115 000 $ Building length (inside) 30 m Building width (inside) 4 m Building area (inside) 120 m2 958$/m2 Bedrooms 1 Bathrooms 1 Storey 1 Reference R06835...

Posted By: rooftopcam -> Apartments for sale : Cambodia

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វីឡាតឿ (Villa hybrid) ទីតាំងៈ (ក្នុងក្រុងបាត់ដំបង) ក្រុមទី5, ភូមិ អញ្ញាញ, ឃុំ អូរចា, ស្រុក បាត់ដំបង, ខេត្ត បាត់ដំបង ទំហំផ្ទះ : 23m x 15m ទំហំដី : 27m x 90m មានក្រាលថ្មម៉ាប ពិដានធ្វើពីឈើរ៉ា (មិនពុក,ភ្លើងមិនឆេះ) បន្ទប់ ទទួលភ្ញៀវ 1 បន្ទប់គេង 5 មានម៉ាស៊ីនត្រជាក់ ផ្ទះបាយ 1 មានម៉ាស៊ីនស្រូបផ្សែង...

Posted By: goodknow -> Villa : Cambodia